Online Casino Roulette Game

Online Casino Roulette Game

Roulette is one of the easiest games you can play in an online or offline casino. It’s typically seen in most popular culture as being the focus of most casino players, mainly because most people think it doesn’t require too much thinking. This is a misconception, and there are many strategies and skills you can implement in the game to increase your chances of winning.

Here, we will elaborate on how Roulette is typically played, as well as which strategies to use to increase your odds.

How Roulette Is Played

Roulette is fairly simple. Basically, you will be placing bets on a betting table. There are numbers, colors, and groups of numbers on a roulette. The ball will be dropped once the wheel is spun, and the number the ball lands on is the winning bet.

Roulette has four versions, but the standard gameplay is American roulette which has 38 pockets. European and French roulettes only have 37.

Best Strategies to Apply

The name of the game is strategy. Just because it seems like the game is all about fate doesn’t mean it has no logic or math. Here are the best strategies you can implement on the table.

Go For Corner Bets

To increase your odds, multiple bets will be to your advantage. The best route, however, is choosing the corner nearest the winning bet. The payout is 1:8, and chances to win on corner bets are likely.

Avoid Single-Number Bets

Single-number bets get people excited because of a high payout of 1:35, but this is also the one with the lowest odds. If you’re risk-averse, it’s best to stay away from single-number bets.

However, if you’re someone who likes the thrill, by all means, go for it—just remember to do this sparingly.

Online Casino Roulette Game

Rule of Thumb: Bet on Low Minimum and High Maximum

If you’re a newbie at roulette, this is a good way to significantly increase your odds of winning. It’s also a good motivation boost since it can be easy to win this way.

With this rule, you’ll only be betting on smaller amounts as well as odd-even bets.

The Fibonacci Sequence

The purpose of this strategy is to recoup your previous losses and be ahead as much as possible. With this strategy, your third bet should equal the losses of your last two bets.

Strategize with Statistics

Contrary to popular belief, roulette is actually predictable if you use math, physics, and statistics. This can be challenging as it requires you to determine the velocity of the ball through a fixed spot in the roulette table, but it is proven to be accurate 59% of the time.

Although you can use these strategies effectively, losing is still possible. Even with a study, there’s still a chance you won’t be able to recoup your losses. So, if you still haven’t won on your sixth try, it’s best if you stop playing and head on to another game.

Now that you’re aware how this game is played, it’s time to put it into practice and have fun playing roulette at your trusted online casino platform!